Signature 3D lip contour

My signature 3d lip contour creates a more youthful pout .


Before, immediately after the 1st appointment and a photo sent in after 3 days of treatment. (Please note, this is not the final result; only 1 treatment has been completed to date )

Lips heal quickly, but the final result can take 3 treatments over a period of 3-4 months. The skin in this area is thin and doesn’t exfoliate in the same way as an eyebrow or eyeliner treatment.

Lip treatments fade a lot more than we expect with brows/eyeliners, usually only retaining around 30-40% of the colour implanted (hence the requirement to select such dark/bright colours!)

By the time I see this lady again, there will be slightly more colour in the ‘belly’ of the lip and we will be adding soft infusions of colours to enhance the contours.

No harsh colours here! Just softly blended and enhanced .

Rachel x

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