Meet Rachel

This page gives some of my background, how I became a semi permanent make up Specialist and what makes me stand out from the rest!

"Hello - I'm Rachel!
It's so important to feel a connection with your Permanent Make up Artist so if you don't already know me, here is my personal story. This is how my passion for Semi Permanent Make-Up came to life!"


Having successfully operated a high end eyelash extension business for a few years; working with such precision to achieve the highest possible service and standards. My clients trusted me implicitly, not just with their eyelashes, but several of them planted the seed for further expanding my business into the Semi Permanent Make-Up industry. Having always loved sketching and drawing; my appreciation for colour started at a young age (I'm sure my parents remember the time I painted a village, complete with houses, trees and cars on my bed sheets with different colours of nail varnish!) As soon as it was suggested, I knew it was for me and I began my search to train.

Every Artist has his/her own style, and I found an inspirational Artist and Trainer in Hazel Furlong. It was under her guidance that I gained my initial qualification from the Finishing Touches Training Academy.


The Permanent Makeup industry is constantly advancing. In order to stay up to date and offer the latest and ‘best’ treatments, it is vital to regularly refresh my skills. So far, the most amazing and beneficial training I have completed includes 1:1 advanced training with world renowned Artists such as Anna Savina, Tatjana Petraitis, Irina Zakharova and Dawn Cragg MBE.

I'm excited that you are considering Permanent Make Up. It definitely is one of the most positive and life changing treatments available in the beauty sector today. From sporty types with hectic life styles, through to those who have suffered the loss of hair due to illness or disease, everyone can benefit from Semi Permanent Make-Up.


If you choose me as your Permanent Make Up Artist, I would like you to know a few more things about the way I work. I completely understand that you may be a little bit (or a lot!) anxious. Probably nervous to meet me; the person you are going to ‘let loose’ on your face. Nervous about the procedure and that you will like your new permanent make up. Please know; I am here to put you at ease. Together, we will create a look to suit you. I will listen to your requirements and guide you with my skill and experience. It is my responsibility to select a colour which suits your skin and lifestyle (to make sure it remains ‘stable’ in the skin) but it is you who will be looking at your permanent make up daily, so you will always have the final say before any of the treatments begin.

My personal philosophy is to provide my clients with beautifully applied Permanent Make-Up, to enhance their natural features. Permanent Make-Up should be virtually undetectable, to give a natural, more beautiful look.