Treatment prices can be paid in full or by 2 instalments as shown.

3D Hairstroke

£250 £110 Total £360

Powder/Ombré Brows

£250 £110 Total £360

Scar Camouflage Brow Treatment

£100 £100 Total £200

Lower Lash Tightline/shaded liner

£100 £100 Total £200

Upper Lash Tightline

£120 £100 Total £220

Upper & Lower Lash Tightline

£190 £ 100 Total £290

Upper Eyeliner (including tightline)

£200 £100 Total £300

Upper Eyeliner & lower tightline/shaded liner

£250 £150 Total £400

Lipliner with Soft Blush

£250 £100 Total £350

Full 3D lips or babydoll lips

£300 £150 total £450

Within 6 Months


Within 12 Months


Within 24 months

£240 (original treatment price; whichever is less)

After 2 years, there will probably be very minimal residue left and you may need 2 appointments, in which case, you will be charged the full treatment price. However, different skin types and lifestyles influence the longevity of your Permanent Make up, so if you are not sure when you need a colour boost, take a quick photo and email it to Rachel for her advice.

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Available for any treatments and to any value.


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