Regain your youthful pout, or perfect it with a smudge-free liner or blend in a colour to suit your skin tone and desired look. I can give you that fullness back!


Reshape, redefine or enhance your lip colour!
We all aim for the same thing. . . beautiful, full and natural looking lips.

Lost your lips?

Has the ageing process snuck up on you? Lips naturally begin to thin with age, but with clever colour techniques I can create amazing 3D effects, giving you that fullness and colour back!

Already love your lips?

Have you been blessed with beautiful lips but tire from constantly re-applying lip stick/stain?! THEN STOP! You can have rosey-tinted (or more dramatic!) lips 24/7 with zero hassle! Whatever you choose you'll no longer have to worry about smudging, just a quick slick of clear gloss and you're ready to go!


Brows are back!! So, why is everyone talking about them? Simple. . . in achieving the perfect arch, we are lifting the entire face. Forget scalpels, this is the quickest way to a more youthful appearance!

In the past did you got carried away with tweezing and your brows never grew back? Or perhaps the reason you're reading this is because you have suffered the loss of hair due to illness or as a side-effect to medication? Whatever the reason I can give you back your lost features.

I specialise in a revolutionary technique which creates a natural, feathery hair stroke with Semi-Permanent Make Up. Now, sparse eyebrows or gaps in between hairs can be beautifully filled in and shaded. With an emphasis on colour selection, we create a mixture of pigments best suited to your skin tone, resulting in a more realistic look.

No one need ever know you've had anything done.

Not ready for semi permanent brows yet? Why not try HD Brows.


Semi permanent Eyeliner is a fantatsic way of enhancing your eyelashes, and also rejuvenating your eye area. Not only that, but for those who have difficulty in applying eyelineror are of a sportier nature, it ensures you always look your best with the minimum of fuss.

From a thick latino liner to a subtle lash enhancement; a more defined look or perhaps smokey and smudgey, I can perfect your desired look.


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