When permanent make up goes wrong 


I hope you have all been enjoying the beautiful sunshine ☀️☀️ we’ve been having. Please remember to keep your permanent eyebrows protected with a good SPF. The suns rays will fade your permanent make up prematurely.

The photos I have attached (NOT MY WORK!!) show a few brows I have been faced with since I returned to work 3 weeks ago. I’ve had 4 consultations for eyebrow corrections. Unfortunately, the treatments they received have not met their expectations; 3 out of the 4 I spoke to recently had all gone back and expressed their concerns. Interestingly, they were ALL treated by the same technician and we’re all told their brows were great and there was nothing wrong with them; Colour, symmetry and shape were all discussed as issues. As much as the technician demanded they had perfect brows she was happy to work on them again (for one lady she was back 4 times!!) and take more money??!! Sounds a bit strange to me…

When permanent make up goes wrong 

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